J.K. Mining Corporation’s commitment to sustainability is essential to who we are and how we conduct our operations.

J.K. Mining Corporation’s vision is to be one of the highest valued and most respected mining companies by leading the industry in performance. A key factor in achieving this goal is our commitment to making a positive and lasting contribution to sustainable development social responsibility, environmental stewardship and the protection of our employees’ health and safety.

Sustainable development is central to J.K. Mining Corporation’s strategy and is integrated into every facet of our operations. The life cycle of a mining operation relies on engagement and investment over many years and J.K. Mining Corporation is dedicated to the responsible management of each phase while generating long term value for all of our stakeholders.

We have deployed a practical framework, developed from a strong set of principles, to help us to deliver on this commitment, but our practices will continually develop as we seek out ways to improve our performance. We are committed to working closely with our host communities and governments as well as with non-governmental agencies and industry bodies, to assist us in our sustainable development contributions.

Our governance structures support our commitment to professional and personal integrity; maintain operational resilience during crisis situations; to comply with all applicable rules, regulations and laws; and to more efficiently manage risk. J.K. Mining Corporation has also actively developed and deployed a framework for employees, contractors, suppliers and the public to query and report ethical concerns and for recognizing and rewarding outstanding ethical conduct.