J.K. Mining Corporation has a strong commitment to the protection of the environment and minimizing the environmental impact of our operations. We deliver strong environmental performance based on our adherence to our environmental policy, our standards and our commitment to continually improve our environmental performance.

J.K. Mining Corporation is committed to addressing the increasing challenge of economic and physical water stress in the area of our operations by adopting sustainable water management practices. In addition to our dedication to legal standard compliance, J.K. Mining Corporation is further developing water treatment, control, monitoring and dewatering technical expertise while increasing internal and external awareness of water value. We realize there is a requirement to develop more integrated and future proof water management programs.

J.K. Mining Corporation seeks to the continually improve our operational energy efficiency and reducing our emissions of greenhouse gases. Such an outlook is not just a moral position, but we believe it to be a critical factor in establishing and maintaining a competitive advantage.

Air quality in the vicinity of our operational area is a critical health and safety factor for our employees and contractors, the environment and local communities. We comply with all air quality regulations and laws of Ecuador, monitoring and reporting our emissions. Dust generation is actively managed, while greenhouse gases and sulfur oxide emissions are kept to an absolute minimum.

The nature of precious metal extraction, with low mineral concentrations, results in large amounts of waste material. Proper and efficient management of this mineral waste helps J.K. Mining Corporation to improve our efficiencies, reduce our cost base while also minimizing the long term environmental impact helping to reduce any legacy risk issues.