J.K. Mining Corporation’s objective is to provide an illness and injury free working environment that returns everyone safe and healthy to their homes every day. Meeting this objective requires J.K. Mining Corporation, our management, employees and partners to be constantly vigilant and broadly accountable.

Health and safety is a core principle in our business strategy, with employees and partners at all levels held accountable for meeting their targets, the bar on which is consistently raised, as a part of our program of performance management. Our health and safety standards, along with the framework in place to support them, are a factor in delivering improvement, but it is the buy in and behavior of our employees that are the most important components in establishing the shared commitment and culture we require to achieve our ultimate health and safety goal of zero harm.

Safeguarding and promoting the well-being of our employees and partners is just as critical, which we tackle through the identification and management of occupational exposure to risk, while promoting an environment of healthy living and fitness for work.

J.K. Mining Corporation is also committed to co-operation with local, governmental and non-governmental experts to increase the levels of health care available in our host communities.